July 18, 2009

Hipokrit Bintang Merah

Would I like to say thank you? For these millions tormented. For thousands maimed. No! I want to kill you. Now you act like nothing happened. Red flags like never flapped in winds. There's array of your peaaasant no more. You saluted from your pedestal. Concentration camps filled with the honorable. They were enemies of country and government only. They were not wanted witnesses of present time
So they've to live their lives in infamy and oblivion. Fictive actions incourt with predefined rules. Written by you - red stars hypocrites. They've no chance to save themselves.

Human's life...Gor you a valueless commodity!
I wish you the death, for that all!
I want to see tear drops of your pain!
Senile ruins facing the suffer!

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