April 17, 2009

Defy the fear

I lived in doubts of life. You saw that and stood onwalls of dumb. I was dead in slumber it was blind in life and you stood with your back turned to me. I laughed as it was mad. He came to me in my doubts. As I slept he told me, I am the chosen one. He told me about his power peelings and moods. As he's been grinding the world with his hand in heads of others. As he's worn clothes of other's blood. As I'll be in shaeds with him. Shaeds of pain, suffer and urge to live. I ask if it's mad to dream like that.

The life is just like this everybody enjoys other's shame, everybody smiles as others suffer. You let me to flounder in pain. You stood on walls of dumb. You slept in your circle of silence. You stood with your back turned to me!

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