May 29, 2009

Coulture Meat

Carnivorous parallels we forge the next links in our food chain of wild individualities. Rapacious, destructive will arise...
Dissolving in bottomless misery of our primitive instincts everything inhuman, bestial stimulates that frenzy need to devour.
Cult of flesh to be feed.
Cult of flesh culture meat
We want to feel that taste of blood of fresh pulsating tissue ambrosia. Gorebath is our horrendous salvation there's no life without kill. Your weakness is source of our power. Your motionless bodies are to consume. We are like scavenger demons with need to slay. We are your carnivorous nightmare. You are as exquisite titbits well served for our necromantic feast. No seasoning with culinary magic art is needed
Your warm somatic fluids are quite enough.
Rapacious, destructive arise now...

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