February 25, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I had my first sip of strong coffee when I was in standard 1 and addicted to it ever since.

2. I always think that I was an Indian in my previous life.

3. I’m a workaholic and I tend to stressed out every now and then but really do like it by the end of the day. (weird ey?)

4. I wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning baca Yassin and 2 pages of Quran at least, without fail. (Alhamdulillah).

5. I don’t smile that much but I laugh really hard.

6. Everyone said that I’m a wild child but the truth is I’m a family person.

7. I’m a very detail person. Very-very-very detail. =p

8. I can’t sh*t di any toilet except mine. I drove back all the way from my office in glenmarie to my home sweet home at keramat au5 just to go to the toilet. (hahahahaha!)

9. I worried and think too much and that cause a lot of problem. Especially my health and people around me. Thanks to this pathetic brain of mine.

10. Until now I can’t believe that I’m in a relationship with a person who I cursed 6 years back at bukit bintang parking. =p and still can’t believe that I already bought my wedding and engagement ring! (I love u babun!)

11. I’m allergic to red meat, and I don’t eat em.

12. There are 4 things in life that I never play around – religion, family, love and money.

13. I can never tolerate stupidity and those who are rude to their parents and society.

14. I’m a strong person, sometimes too strong till no one can guide me except myself.

15. If I’m quiet, high possibility that I’m super mad.

16. I only start to wash my own hair this year, as all this while every 2-3 days I will wash my hair at my usual salon. Hiks!

17. I love philosophy

18. I don’t believe in chemistry, I believe in tolerance.

19. I love expensive and classy stuffs. I only wear diamonds and pearls. And I hate round shape watches.

20. My palm tends to get hurts when I’m nervous and I tend to suck my thumb as I love the taste of the lotion on my body. (haha. Sick!)

21. I only had 1 dream in my life but that was long time ago. I want to be a fashion designer. I used to sketch and draw everywhere I can, and I ada lotsa collections.. till the day I burned everything and cursed myself just because my dad did not allow me to be in a competition which was held at Cenfad Institute. I was 17 at that time. I swear to myself that I will stop and takkan boleh draw or anything that related to it. EVER AGAIN. And till now…I can’t even draw a straight line..walaupun dengan bantuan pembaris. =)

22. I don’t do trust. Not even to myself. But I have faith. That’s all I need.

23. I always love the way my dad speaks. I felt inspirational. the words and all, perfect.

24. I’m so much the same as my mother. We share the same women monthly cycle date, we have the same interest, we have the same perception towards life, we have the same sensitive spot – di lutut dan di belakang lutut, hehe and if she gets sick I will fall sick too. If she is worried about something, I will not have peace in me. We argue a lot sebab terlalu sama. Haha! One thing I like, sy inherit kekuatan ibu saya.. hehehe! =) woman strength.

25. Sy sangat degil, so don't waste your time to advice me. =p


mak petik ni dari facebook.
macam trend laa mak rasa.
khelasss kau.. ai pon suka classy things..
nampak classy gituu.
geli ai baca.
nyampah tau.. ada yang mak jeles laa.
tak kose lah mak nak layan..
eeeeeee apa-apa saja laa nyah!


Anonymous said...

yhahahahahah buduss nii

one love said...

hahahahaahahahah :)

Modandi said...

suka kau ye nyah!