March 18, 2009

do you think you know?

do you think you know?

do you know where the cleaning products are? do you know where the vacuum cleaner is? do you know how to sew? MOMS would know.

do you know where the paper towels are? do you know where the rubbish bags are? do you know exactly where all the toilets in a building are? the CLEANING LADY in your office would know.

would you know where all the power supplies in a company are located? do you know all the back doors and emergency exits? the SECURITY GUARDS will know.

would you know how dirty our roads are? how much rubbish generated by Malaysians and how much leaves trees shed? the SWEEPER will know.

do you think you’re very smart? very knowledgeable just cause you read a lot and score in exams? have you all the experiences of work and life of hardship? can you do all that i’ve mentioned?

nobody has the right to feel above anybody else. there is no one person who is better than the rest. everybody was born with equal chances and opportunities, same number of fingers and limbs. not so lucky people with disabilities are blessed with more patience, and skills only they know best. different capabilities but distinct uniqueness. no two individuals are the same. no one individual knows everything. no matter who you are, you have skills, knowledge, experiences and something about you that makes you better than me in some aspects. and equally so, i have some things about me that define me and differentiate me.

no matter who, no matter where, always treat others with respect and always offer a helping hand. you can and will just make someone’s day that much more bearable, that much brighter. and trust me, Malaysians (or at least folks in KL) need to start by smiling.

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