January 15, 2009

Third Person

Bercintaaaaaaalahhh deeeeengankuuuuuu.

Men tend to philosophize a lot, and women, they just like to tell you what they've done during the day. And I'm generalizing, well let's just say, that's the unspoken norm. Maybe it's because, women like to tell you everything they've done during the day, and men, being caring creatures, like to ask a lot, just to please them, and this often practiced questioning will eventually lead to a philosophical questioning of life and everything mind-boggling embedded into our minds subconciously. Now why the fuck did I write all that?

You do have the potential to have motivation, but you are too lazy to get it, because it doesn't seem fun allthough in truth, it is the purest of fun. The thing is, the fakest of fun, is funner to you. And why the fuck am I talking in third person, or fourth, or whatever.

I've been here before. Do any one of you realize that it's so fucking hard to get bored of boredom. I don't know what that means but it makes sense to me, how could you ever get bored of boredom. Oh wait. Argh.

Remember the days, when you hate hitz.fm, but you still tune in? Okay, when I said "You", I meant me, and anyone else who agree with me. Well, those days, are over, cause the deejays suck. Remember the legendary morning crew? No more of that. Sigh, mixtapes are the shit now. Can't sleep without a cd writer. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I need to play computer games, I mean I need to start, there's no one much to chat with me, I'm as bad with girls on the internet as in real life, and that's pretty bad, very very bad, ultra magnificiently bad, thousands and thousands of badness. That's what you get when you try to not use the magic words. I could have just said so fucking bad and shut up.


Anonymous said...

try carik buku "why man cant read a map n woman need more shoe"

buku tu menarik :)

Modandi said...

ye? i tot woman cant read a map. mmmmmmmm...