January 16, 2009

wtf la wei?

fuck. these telemarketers. piss me off. i've gotten like at least 3 calls in 2 weeks. wow. what iz up witchyawll?

just a while ago:

'selamat tengahari'
'selamat tengahari'
'ini encik nama nama nama bla bla bla, kami dari bla bla bla, kami ingin menganjurkan bla bla bla, hanya 20 orang terpilih untuk bla bla bla'
'encik busy ke?'
'nanti saya call pukul 1:30 ye?'
'jangan lupa cakap selamat tengahari nanti'

hahahaaha aight aight i made up some of the dialogue but you get the point.

argkh. can't a brotha get some sleep. i'm not a 9-5 person. if i have work i do it at around 2am - 9am. if i have a meeting i'll go early morning and by lunch i'm fucking having my lunch and is probably not wanting to give a fuck about anything else. so please don't call me if you're not a chick fiending for some phone sex, or a dude fiending to meet me somewhere to pass me a lotta cash.

and these fucking smses. maxis had some kinda anti-spam add. but fucking hotlink is spamming my ass everyday. and clubs too, zouk maison whatever whatever, but that's actually my fault. last year there were a few goot events unfortunately located at shitty clubs and i foolishly entered my phones and shit for no goot reason other than the club survey chick asking for it having a cleavage. argh. now they be spamming my shit every week.

annoying. there are many other methods for marketing. some people just don't buy into annoyance, get it? telemarketing is the worst. i feel sorry for the dewds and dewdettes who have to work telemarketing. they were prolly duped into it. going into jobstreet applying for a fancy title like say 'sales executive' or 'marketing executive'.

wow. and then they have to call people, and their jobs will depend on it. call-out jobs are the worse. you have to call people like me who will respond with intermitten 'hums' and 'uhuhs' and then after the end of the conversation goes calmly 'not interested'. yes, i'm pretty sure if somebody goes earlier 'it's okay it's okay no need to continue i'm not interested' the telemarketer won't break a sweat or nothin'. but mine is usually like this:

'hi mr. bla bla we bla bla bla bla bla bla'
'bla bla bla bla bla bla'
'bla bla'
'bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla'
'bla bla bla bla'
'so mr. bla bla bla. bla bla bla. are you interested?'
'i dunno'
'will you be free on bla bla bla 9 am?'
'no i'm working'
'what about 7 pm?'
'i'm working around that time too'
'erm, what about bla bla this day where no one works, say 2pm with free lunch?'
'oh no i have a manicure appointment exactly that time'
'vet appointment'
'you have a pet?'
*hangs up phone*

anyway. yeah. that's just that innit. kambeng!
I'm gonna chase this telemarketers and chop every fingers and ears so they cant call me! HAHAHA. So who wanna be the 1st telemarketer???

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